We will continue the golden path of Baghcheban

I have been with center for many years, and from the very first day of getting to know this organization, you can see its development and rise to it as a member of this big family. The performance of this organization so far in the national and international arenas is in a valuable and developing position, and I believe that the family is a great companion of the deaf, volunteers, employees, staff and professionals who help the center of the deaf. It has gained a place among non-governmental organizations and is one of the best in each of its fields of activity.
Now that I have been in the position of working with this organization, I am proud to try to support the development and promotion of the social status of the organization with hearing components for four decades. Is known. The country is recognized and its performance is a performance for creating and evaluating similar organizations at the national and international level. It is only with the constant support of you, the members of the Deaf Center’s big family, that the continuation of the golden path of Baghcheban is possible.
Mohammad Ramazani