About us

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It was just yesterday that we sprouted for being; we found roots; we rolled up our sleeves to walk towards the sky and its eternal light.

We also thought that when night came; we would pick a star from the sky; or if it doesn’t work for a thousand reasons, let’s make a star and shine in the darkness; so that even a deaf child, for once, can laugh; what a pleasure it is, when a person understands the sound of silence, and how precious is the sound that comes from the heavens.

But we said all these; the sound of silence is the most audible song on earth. Thirty years ago we said: The path we are walking is difficult, it requires patience, a big kind heart, love for people and the help of God, and finally, it requires self-sacrifice and dedication. We still say; there is a long way to go and this path is difficult.

What does the Deaf Center state?

The Deaf Center thinks:

Every human being deserves to have their citizenship rights like other members of the society and to grow in the society with respect and honor; and in this way, people with disabilities, especially deaf people, need more support; because they have double problems in their daily life due to communication limitations and lack of effective communication with others.

We believe

Humans have unique differences on the surface of the earth, cultural, linguistic, genetic differences and so on. Besides this, humans have many and special abilities. Deafness is a kind of difference and this limitation can be a window to the world of silence. Childhood is the period of growth and formation of the personality of every person. Knowing children and knowing their needs is what makes each of us behave better and more appropriately with them; and in this way, culture gives us the most accurate knowledge. Accordingly, the Deaf Center has chosen the cultural and social mission as one of its most important missions in explaining the abilities and capacities of the deaf community; more awareness in society inspires more respect.

The activities of the Deaf Center in this regard, by providing optimal services to its clients, include assistance and specialized consultations to all other cases; which is presented to the target group in person or in the context of virtual space.

We desire

We know that the lack of adaptations and attention by the authorities has reduced the social participation of the deaf people and the lack of proper infrastructure has led to many cultural, social problems but it is the duty of all of us and to take steps with humanitarian commitment as well as social responsibilities in the direction of the growth and prosperity of the deaf community while preserving human dignity. This is not a slogan; this is a clear, direct responsibility for living more comfortably and conscientiously in this unequal world.

Member of the Board of Directors

Jafar Mahmudi Nejadi Chairman of the Board
Mohammad Ramazani Chief executive officer (CEO)
جعفر محمودی نژاد رئیس هیئت مدیره
محمد رمضانی مدیر عامل
Mehrdad Shahamat Vice Chairman of the Board
Hasan Mohammadi Treasurer of the Board
Hamid Moshfegi Secretary of the Board
Rasul Daryani Inspector
مهرداد شهامت نائب رئیس هیئت مدیره
حسن محمدی خزانه دار هیئت مدیره
حمید مشفقی منشی هیئت مدیره
رسول دریانی بازرس